Monday, February 29, 2016

How to Leave a Bad Home Situation!

Steps to take to leave

You've had enough!  You're ready to go, but you just don't know how.  More importantly, you don't know how to leave and not ever have to return.

This article is not for you if you have already left the bad situation and need to know what to do.  There are many articles out on-line to address the psychological mindset you need to leave and show you why you need to leave.  What I will share with you in this article are steps to take prior to leaving prepare for the inevitable departure.

First, have in mind that this is really something you want to do.  You have to look at the impact of your leaving will have on the people you know and how they will respond to your leaving.  The reason this is important is because every decision we make will affect others and they will react.  For whatever reason the other party may not wish you to leave, whether they depend on your income, your physical attention to their need, or just as their personal punching bag, they will want to keep you where you are, and sabotage any efforts you may make to depart.  This needs to be avoided.  

If you are leaving because you feel threatened or your life is in danger, then it will be imperative that you do not share with the other party that you wish to leave.  This may increase the chances of you being in danger or that you may be manipulated into remaining in a situation you're better off leaving.

Having said this, your desiring to leave does not have to be a secret from everyone.  The least people who know, the better off you will be.  However, you may need someone you can trust to help you; so sharing with one or two close companions may be necessary.

Now that you know you are leaving and you have gained help from a friend that can actually help you, you are now in the planning stage.  You don't have to be rich to leave, but you do have to be smart.

You will need to collect your records at this time.  You will want to have a safe location hidden where you keep your ID cards, health and life insurance records, passport and medical records.  You will want to have your doctor information, any prescriptions you need, put in a place that you can easily pick up and take with you.  You don't want to have to search for these things at the last minute or heaven forbid be out on the streets with no information to get help.

Put in a separate area, to the back of your closet necessary clothing that you will want to take with you.  Do not put them in a suitcase or duffle bag.  Most likely that can be discovered.  Keep them hung in your closet, but planned out in an area that is easily accessible.  Do this also with your undergarments.  Make sure everything is clean and ready to go, but not packed.  Do have a duffle bag or backpack in the closet, empty but accessible.

Now you will want to consider where you will stay when you leave.  If you have no money, will you need to live in a shelter?  Do you have a friend or relative that will be taking you in until you get back on your feet?  Also, think how you will leave.  Do you have adequate transportation?  A bike, car or public transportation will be needed to get you and your possessions to your safe location.  Will someone be purchasing for you an airplane ticket or picking you up?  You don't want to be wondering the streets with luggage as you may get robbed or someone you don't want to see you may and report the sighting to the person you wish to leave. 

In the event that you have a bit of money saved then, of course, you have more options available to you.  You can purchase basic articles you will need to make a new comfortable home.  In a future post, I will list the basics you will need to start over in a new home location.  In the case that you have money, then you can schedule your moving truck at the best time for your safe exit.  You can even purchase a small storage unit to slowly save home items that you will need for your arrival to your new home.

Surviving is the last consideration as well as the first.  If you don't want to go back then before you leave you will need to have a way to make a clean safe living.  Having a job lined up so that you are able to take care of your living expenses will be needed.  You don't want to get away and end up living on the streets or selling your body.  Hopefully, you have work or a job to go to, but if not have you researched all of the agencies that are at your disposal to keep you housed, fed and can lead you to a job?

These are the basics.  Each situation is different so generalizations cannot be made for each step.  This article is directed to those that have the comfort to plan.  If you are in danger you may not have that luxury. See my YouTube series on "Fighting Back Against Assult". Most people, however, do know when they want to get away from a bad  home situation.  They consider it for months and endure it for years before they take the leap of faith to leave.  So instead of just wanting to leave, execute a plan.  Everyone deserves peace of mind.

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