Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DYI - That's Me

DYI!  There is an entire network devoted to it and I love watching so many of the shows on it.  In my mind I can accomplish with the same skill and talent as the instructor. 

The truth of it is if there isn't a manual with step by step instructions, most likely my getting it to look like it should will turn out to be embellished with my not so skillful fixes.

I have an ongoing project that I have been working on for a couple of decades.  No, I'm not building my own house or the second ark.  I am actually the project.  I like continually working on myself and altering me.  I start with my hair.  Every other day and sometimes every other week my hair gets alter with hairstyles.   I could be a hair guru with the number of changes my hair has gone through with the help of wigs, weaves, hair pieces, relaxers, perms and even hair color.

The next part of me I change is my face.  I LOVE makeup.  There are so many colors and potions to enhance and even cover ones facial looks.  The more I learn about makeup and what it can do, the more I want to go to the beauty supply store and stock my acrylic containers with more of these cream and powdered jewels.

One part of me that is always changing is my body.  Depending on what I eat and how much exercise I do or don't do, my size goes up and down.  It has been going up for the past fifteen years but I'm not really working too hard on it.  Not when I can continually cover it with fashionable clothing.

Lastly there is the fixing up of my soul.  There is the saving of my soul that comes from my daily bible reading, prayer and meditation.  I cannot however, forget the dozens of self-help books that I have read to learn how I tick, how others tick, why I respond to the way others tick and how I can optimize my knowledge and personality to be the best person I can be.

Building things, putting things together gives me great pleasure.  Working on me keeps me happy with life.  What are you fixing?

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