Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Letting Go & Moving On

Have you ever taken a road trip or vacation somewhere and just wanted to never return?  I have.  I've gone to Bellevue, Seattle and wished I could purchase a little house on a hill and lived my days happily as a writer.  I felt similar when I went to Uvalde, Texas and desired to purchase a ten acre plot of land and create a self sustaining homestead.  When I was a teen, I wanted to move to New York and buy a luxury flat in Manhattan where I would enter the world of the published authors, with my best selling books and Pulitzer prize novels, putting me high in the social lists with the best writers.

Truth is, if I was focused, had the right connections and finances, I could have lived all these places and accomplished all of those dreams.  It's amazing what you can accomplish in a 20 year span.  If we live right and have good health we can get about 3 of those 20 year spans in our adult life.

I've always had naysayers tell me that I cannot do any of these things.  They were family members who were always looking out for my best interest.  The sad part is that I listened to them and all my dreams live only in my mind and heart, never to be accomplished.  If I died today, I would die very disappointed with my 47 years of life accomplishments. 

It doesn't have to remain that way.  At some point I need to let go and  move on and take a chance on my.  Following the path of practicality and playing it safe has not gotten me any more stability then had I followed my dreams.

For anyone reading this article, I say, write out your dreams.  Follow it up with a written plan of action.  Lastly, press forward.  There are no grantees if you learn a skill as a plumber that you will have a happy accomplished life had you not followed your dreams of becoming an actor.  I say, work at something you love for ten to twenty years.  Competition aside, knowing everyone cant be the best and maybe you won't be, wont matter.  When all is said and done, you will have the joy of knowing you worked hard at doing what feeds your soul and gives you happiness.  You tried, therefore you succeeded.

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