Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Going To Jail For Fighting Against Same Sex Marriage Law!

Attorney Roger Gannam (left) with Rowan County, Ky., clerk Kim Davis Image from: CBS News                                        
I read an interesting article today.  Apparently, there is a county clerk who decided that she was not going to marry a same sex couple.  She is currently in jail, with lawyers trying to figure out how to get her out.  This was not a good battle to choose in making a stance against the changing morals of society.  This was not a battle to fight after the fact of the law changing in the favor of a personal moral dilemma.  No, this clerk went about this personal battle the wrong way.

I feel for this county clerk.  The clerk is not a criminal in the traditional way of breaking a law.  This is probably why the stance was made.  The clerk probably thought, “No one is going to put me in jail for this.  It’s wrong and I know all my friends feel the same way about it as do I, so I know I will get lots of public support for it and not lose my job.”  So wrong!   So wrong!

Now I will digress a moment.  This story is actually about the same stance, but on a totally different subject.  I have a friend who is a pharmacist.  A few years back, the pharmacist role changed here in north east Ohio. The pharmacist now had the additional role to administer flu shots.  My friend was very squeamish.  The idea of poking someone with a needle was a job that she just wasn’t willing to do.  She fought hard and long.  She moved from pharmacy to pharmacy until there was no longer a pharmacy to go to that didn’t make this mandatory for a pharmacist to give shots.  My friend just didn’t want the responsibility that comes with administering medication via a needle.   After all, she went to school to count pills and measure liquid, not to be a nurse or doctor.   Soon a she was fired from the very last pharmacy.

Do you see the correlation?  The rules have changed for both of these people.  My friend did not refuse to give shots.  She moved from pharmacy to pharmacy, that had not yet gotten established to perform such duties until there were none available to work at.  She did not look at a patient and say, “I refuse to help you, go somewhere else that will.”  The county clerk, however, did look at a couple and tell them, “I am not upholding this immoral law.  It’s against my moral conscience“.  Yes, she broke the law and now is in jail for it.

So, though I feel for her standing up for her moral values, this is why you can’t have the choice to say no to marry a person of the same sex as a person put in place to follow the laws of the land. One in the field of upholding the law, and who has personal moral judgment against a certain law has a decision to make.  Choose to continue to uphold the law and perform your duties against your personal moral values, or choose to go into another employment position that does not put you in the situation to break the law.

What I don't understand is why they didn't just fire this clerk.  What is the point of putting her in jail?  Is it now wrong to have a biblical moral conscience because the populous decide to deviate from biblical morals?  Does this person have to be made an example of hate by the same-sex community, because she disagrees with them?  That's what it looks like to me.

I will be interested to see how this court judgment turns out for the county clerk.

What are your thoughts on what the final outcome should be for this clerk?

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