Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of A New Chapter!

It seems to me that Monday and January first are good days to start any regiment.  This is true only because those are beginnings.  Beginning of the week and beginning of the year, respectively. 

This is not the case for me this time around.  I am on a four month program that I created myself to change a number of things about me that I feel need fixing.  So here is the before picture of me.

Pretty girl, right?!!  I think so.  But pretty doesn't go far when you know you can be a better person.  There are areas that I want to improve.  Visually, I look at this photo and I see improvements that I need.  Behind that smile, there are other things I wish to work on.

I've spent the past few months sorting out what I need to change.  Financially, I have some goals.  Spiritually, I have some improvements to make.  Physically, I want to make some changes.

I wrote out a plan of action.  With my plan of action I didn't just write what I wanted to change, but I wrote where I am and how I got where I am.  I wrote reasons I feel I need to make the changes.

What I didn't write were expectations.  For a person like me, expectations equal failure.  Reaching expectations equal success and success leads to fear of failure.  Pretty whack right?  But that is how things have been for me.  So I decided there would be no destination.  I would simply put positive action into motion and follow the paths they take me.

This plan I am putting into action is today, Tuesday, September 1, 2015.  I will write another article on Thursday, December 31, 2015 and show you what progress have accomplished.

Please feel free to follow my progress.  I will be posting quite regularly.

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