Sunday, September 6, 2015

Autumn - No More Nakedness

There are so many reasons to love Autumn.  Shades of summer darken to warmer tones of rust, maize, brown, terra-cotta, and forest.  The breezes kick up and brush our clothes causing them to hug us in a caressing manner.  The brightness of the sun against the blue sky becomes more palatable as the hue deepens against the more present stark white fluffy clouds.

Fall jackets are one of my favorites changes that come with the cooler temperatures of fall.  Whiffs of leather pass me by when someone approaches my space wearing their biker, bomber or leather blazer jackets. Textures increase as people bring out their tweed suits, tapestry handbags, and corduroy pants.  

With Autumn comes forced modesty. Yes, I said it. There is a considerable amount of reduced flesh parading about as stylish individuality.  I admit I am a bit biblical when I think of good clean fashion.  I also understand changing trends and the need for standing out.  However, so many people see standing out as showing as much of their natural come out of the womb bodies.  

The latest trend the past few years is the need to use their body as a personal billboard for graffiti, art, personal opinions and mantras.  I'm so sick of sleeves of inked work that distracts the beauty of the human body.  Simple toned muscles and soft healthy skin are no longer the order of the day.  What stands out for me now is when I see an arm with no tattoos.  With fall comes the covering of such offenses against the body.

With the wearing of stockings, tights, and leggings, comes the end of seeing women flaunt their thighs and the cracks of their butts at the hem of an all too short dress that should really be a blouse.  What happened to skirts that touch the top of the knee and leave what lies under it to the imagination of the man that is interested?  The body is all about shocking the masses and putting their middle finger up to anyone that even remotely disagrees with what they think is their free right.

There was a time where Autumn meant the change of the earth's nature.  We looked forward to our cooler homes to bake bread, pies and roast.  I now most look forward to the covering of the flesh.  That's such a sad reality.

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