Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No Safe Place

Friday morning work day started with heavy sirens from a police chase.  The police chase began in East Cleveland where, they pulled over a vehicle and went to look up the drivers license of the driver and passenger that they had pulled over.  The car pulled off and the chase ensued.  A gun came out and shots were fired at the police.  

This chase with gunfire did not start where I was.  I was in the University Circle area where I work at Case Western Reserve University.  I became aware of trouble as I road on the Health Line bus when first the fire department paramedic truck rushed past with sirens blaring, followed by two East Cleveland police cars. All activity headed for E116 off Euclid where additional emergency vehicles were already parked.

As of today, both fugitives are still at large.  

The above-mentioned situation left me in a quandary as to the idea of there being a safe place to dwell. In this area of University Circle, there are many police divisions that protect it.  There is the Cleveland police, University Circle police, CWRU police, and RTA police.  Close by, even the Cleveland Clinic police force can be called upon.  The university of CASE is supposed to be a safe place to send your young adults.  People all over the world send their young to the school to become doctors, lawyers, and engineers.  There are upscale shops and restaurants as well as luxury apartments to fill the needs of these students who come from affluent families.  Unfortunately, this small, highly guarded neighborhood is surrounded by neighborhoods plagued with crime.

The high-speed police chase with gunfire could have easily turned deadly for anyone on the streets of this supposedly safe place. Therefore I wonder, can anyone be truly safe?

Many people like to fool themselves into thinking that crime, violence, or injury can not happen to them. Point in case; when you see the amount of people who walk the streets with their expensive mobile phones in their hands.  You also see it with the number of women that jog alone on the streets and parks with earphone devices in their ears playing sounds that don't allow them to hear their surroundings and possible danger approaching. There are even many neighborhoods where people don't lock their doors during the day hours and even during the night.

No matter where we live, but especially in the city and suburbs, there is no safe place.  People do well to not allow themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security.  Oh yes, there are situations and events beyond our control that can and may happen.  But we should all do what we can to protect ourselves and think wisely.  People need see themselves and their actions as the criminals do and take measures to not move about as potential victims allowing themselves to be easy targets.

This is too heavy of a subject.  I think I will dwell on something more positive.  Let me picture a garden.  Join me.

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