Friday, March 27, 2015

I Love Handbags Coach Chanel CharmingCharlie

Purses have always been a love of mine.  When little girls were trying on their mother's shoes, I was styling my mother’s handbags.

I am one of those people that always likes to be prepared.  Handbags represent that for me as I keep everything I could possibly need in it.  In my purse there of course were the makeup case, sewing kit, tissue, pill box, nail grooming kit, snack, bottle of water, paperback book, wallet, and hand cream etc.  Yes I could go on but you get the picture. 

I've always been the go to person if you needed odd items such as a band-aid, hair pin, safety pin or stamp.  My friends at school would say, "Girl you got everything in that bag," and I would grin with pride.

My mother would lift my bag and tell me it was way too heavy and one day I would throw my back out.  Somewhere in my twenties I started to get back pain from my heavy bags and had to learn to scale back from the amount of things I carried and the size of them. I learned the importance of trial size and mini. But I always carried one, big or small.

As I got older and learned what a designer purse was things got interesting.  For one of my mother's anniversaries my father bought my mother a "Coach" purse.  That was back when the purse was like a mini suitcase and weighted as much empty.  When my mother got it, she explained to me the qualities of a well-made purse.  Why did she do that?

In time, the inexpensive plastic purse with plastic lining was not good enough.  My purses had to have a cloth lining.  Closures were important for me because I had a tendency to always be in a rush and would grab my things and run.  Many times in my rush I didn't grab it properly and the bag would turn upside down and dump my contents.  Then there was the situation of losing money so my purse had to have a matching wallet and key ring holder for the same reason.

Color of my purses in time became an event as I had to have footwear to match the purse. I learned to appreciate the weathered look of leather and my book bags or totes had to be made of some animals hide. 

Styles, shapes, textures and so on increased and each designer had their own signature looks and Ii became an expert of who designed what bag.  One of my favorite brands is Coach, and I've collected a hand full of them.  Of recent I have been loving Chanel purses and particularly a certain pink quilted on purse that I saw Mindy Lahiri sporting on the show The Mindy Project in season 2.  I hope to fetch one of those for my collection. 

If you want to hear the stories behind some of my Coach purses and others, then check out this Vlog I recorded where I tell you all about my purses.  The video starts with 4 minutes of random happenings of my weekend so if you just want to check out the purses forward ahead.  But you might find the entire video interesting.